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We are able to also track the success of an Instagram page from scratch. It shows how it is consistently gaining followers over time as more content is being released. This shows how key providing the audience with fresh information is.

The results show that the amount of impressions, profile visits and overall interactions steadily increased over time since the profile was created. This also allows us to track which posts have been more successful over time, this helps when choosing which posts to boost and sponsor.

We can create and advise you on a social media strategy.

Its impossible to deny the impact the internet and social media has had on our daily lives.  The average person spends over 4 hours per day on their mobile phone, searching the internet, using social media and researching or referencing.


If you haven’t got the right corporate image with up to date projects, contact details or information, you are missing a huge window of potential. 


Social media has revolutionised the way in which business’ can reach clients. You really are able to showcase your best work, within instants and then deliver it to them in hand. 


We provide your business with an online identity, branding and up to date information to ensure you get the most out of your social platforms, supplying monthly reports on progress.


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Your Social

Media Plan

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The Right Platforms

We will instruct you to the right social media networks for your business, and becoming well versed in how those platforms work. This includes setting up your accounts.

Clear Goals

We will help create clear goals before you begin any campaign and understand how you can help you keep track of progress, and identify points at which you may need to ramp up efforts.


Focusing on clear goals will give you and your team direction on where to concentrate your energy, and it's key to have a defined focus to unite your overall efforts.

Social Tools

Without tools, all us social media marketers would be going nuts. Effective social media strategies are built on using a mix of automation and timely engagement. Tools can also refer to network specific tools (like Instagram Stories, Facebook Live etc.) which you can integrate to.

Clear Understanding of the Brand's Audience

We will help you get to know your audience in the most in-depth way possible. This is essential to creating social media content which truly resonates with your potential followers and customers.

Ask your audience what their pain points are, find out what publications they read, and where they focus their online efforts. The more you know, and the clearer the picture of your target audience, the better.


Figuring out these details will help you come up with ways to connect with and build a more engaged community.

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